Working in a wide range of media, I seek for my work to embody griefs, guilts and despairs, to unhook forgiveness, hope and acceptance. I believe such spiritual experience can arise over the conciliation of inner and outer. I therefore gather, disfigure and dismember exteriority: myths, fictions, phenomena, symbols and superstitions; to weave it together with interiority: meditations, reveries, pareidolias, phosphenes, intrusive thoughts and stimuli generated within my body.

Through the vibrant, the ethereal, the fluid, the luminous, the obscure and the metamorphosing I explore the simultaneity of conditions such as divine and perverse, man-made and auto-generated, anarchic and ordered or biological and geological.

My work incorporates ritualistic narratives of birth, death and rebirth as mechanisms for purge and transformation, for emotional and psychological healing. But furthermore as an intimate device to confront the everyday studio practice: A fragile ceremony and a state of mind consisting of discipline, trance and unconditional faith.